Hunting Trips

Anita and I both like to hunt with handguns. This is a little unusual in that most folks don’t think of handguns as tools that are useful for hunting. As you can see from the pictures below, they work just fine. Most of our hunting is done with Thompson Center Contender single-shot pistols or Revolvers. The reason we have decided to make handguns our tool of choice for hunting is that they increase the challenge of the hunt. Handguns are much easier to pack on a hunting trip and can provide important advantages in an unexpected situation with a dangerous animal.

To see pictures from some of our hunting trips, click on the following links. Warning: some of the pictures on the pages associated with the next three links include shots of animals downed during a hunt. If you do not wish to view such images, click here to return to our home page.

In addition to Handgun Hunting, Fred enjoys shooting and hunting with a Bow and Arrow, Muzzleloading Rifles, and Modern Rifles and Shotguns.

Our Hobbies and Pets

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